How do you become a high performer with out burning out?

Most top producers are overworked, overwhelmed, and about to quit. Don't be a statistic. Let me help you achieve the sustainable success you are striving for.

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What is The Gratitude School?

Gratitude school is an online education community committed to helping overwhelmed high achievers reduce stress, anxiety and burn out while elevating their baseline of happiness.

Overwhelm is the #1 reason top performers quit, costing companies an average of 5x their annual salary when they leave. Why is this happening? Simple.
They are unhappy, or they think they’ll be happy somewhere else. Unfortunately, most high producers don’t realize that they have a happiness set point. They work harder to achieve big goals only to recalibrate to the same level of happiness as before the achievement.

Psychology has a name for this: Hedonic Adaptation. So what do we do? Set new goals. Work harder. Achieve…Return to our baseline of happiness. Rinse and repeat.
Never achieving that sustainable, long term fulfillment, joy, and happiness...which is why we are working in the first place.

"The gratitude advantage course is designed to help you put a conscious effort into creating sustainable well-being in your life.
Because you CAN elevate your baseline of happiness, if you put in the work to do so."


Who is The Gratitude School for?

High performers!

High performers we will define as someone who cares about relationships, and they care about results.They want to do their absolute best work. They want to be an example for others to follow.

AND they are willing to make personal sacrifices for success. They could be a high performance parent, they could be a high performance CEO of a major company. They could be a high performance sales person, or athlete. A high performance HR person, or high performance forklift driver.

High performers seek optimization. They seek perfection. They have goals. High performers feel a personal responsibility that they are moving towards their ideals.They win often.

And they feel that pressure to perform, incessantly.

It almost feels like eyes are always on them to see if they make a mistake or drop the ball. They work harder than the average person, and ultimately have a higher level of stress and anxiety than the average person. But they do their best to keep it together, because the clock is still running. They need to put points on the board and make the most of every day.

Until they crash. And usually crash hard. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Gratitude School is here.

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In Gratitude School You Will Learn:

How to release resentment, anger, and shame so that you can feel more present and alive with everything and everyone.
The daily habits and routines that are scientifically proven to enhance your wellbeing so that you can maintain consistent positive emotions.
How to metabolize painful experiences into positive progress.





John Israel is...

 Founder and Chief Gratitude Officer of Mr. Thank You, a consulting firm focused on client and team retention. In 2016, John started a personal social experiment around “human connection” that became a world-wide movement, a book, and TEDx talk titled: The Mr. Thank You Project.

John’s Mr. Thank You story has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, Good Morning America, and his clients include global brands such as: Square, Sales Force, Ronald McDonald House and many others.
John’s goal is to Re-humanize the workplace and marketplace by teaching people how to express authentic gratitude, respect, and appreciation.

"The age in which we live in where technology is the easy way out, going back to something like this means so much more.”

-Andrea Robinson
FOX News

"“My favorite talk of the entire TEDx conference."



- Aimee
Austin TX Business Owner

"“What I loved about John’s. message is it connected with everyone at varying age & experience levels. The whole organization loved it!"

- Mike Groff
CEO, Wallick & Volk Mortgage Corp